Francis Retter ist der neue Internatsleiter der Klosterschule Roßleben

Francis Retter ist ab dem Schuljahr 2019/2020 der neue Internatsleiter der Klosterschule Roßleben

Liebe Eltern, liebe Schüler, liebe Freunde von Roßleben,
mit großer Freude möchten wir Ihnen und Euch Francis Retter als unseren Internatsleiter vorstellen. Wir sind dankbar, einen so erfahrenen Pädagogen in Roßleben willkommen zu heißen und wünschen eine schöne und erfolgreiche Zeit an der Klosterschule und freuen uns auf eine gute, gemeinsame Zukunft!

I am delighted to be taking over the position of Internatsleiter and am very much looking forward to building on the excellent boarding and extra-curricular provision that my family and I have seen here. My background is very much in boarding and in teaching modern foreign languages and sport. My wife Sophie and I have spent the past 14 years running a boys’ boarding house at Gresham’s School, a mixed boarding school of 480 pupils in North Norfolk. Prior to this I taught at a private language school in Munich for two years and spent a year in Dortmund whilst studying, working as the English Language Assistant at the Phönix Gymnasium. Most recently I have completed my Master’s in Educational Leadership and School Improvement at the University of Cambridge.
My hobbies are varied – my favourite sports are kayaking, canoeing and cycling, so I look forward to discovering the Unstrut and Saale valleys. In addition, I enjoy team sports, including football, rugby and athletics and look forward to contributing to school life here as widely as possible. 
My family and I have been so pleased with the lovely welcome we have received at Roßleben from the whole school community and are looking forward to getting to know everyone well in the coming weeks and months. I will be starting full-time in January after I have worked my notice period at Gresham’s, but am delighted that I will be a regular visitor in September, October and November to various events when I look forward to meeting you all. Do feel free to email at any point if you have any queries (

Francis Retter