Vocational Preparation

Students as entrepreneurs

In our student company „Gut Organisiert! Schüler-AktienGesellschaft“ (Well organized! Student corporation) the students learn the basic knowledge of successful economic management. The student company combines elements of class, mainly of the subject economics and law with the extracurricular guild work. In the past years our GO! SAG team managed several times to win in regional competition with chosen projects. In the same way the Klosterschule supports the collaboration with regional and over regional companies, to support our students in their job choice as practically relevant as possible. Therefore the Klosterschule Roßleben has been the Siemens partner school since 2006.

Exchange with science

The collaboration with well-known universities such as the TU Ilmenau, the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena form another strength of the Klosterschule Roßleben. From the week long internship to early studies there are many levels of direct collaboration and the mutual exchange for the students.

To ensure the closeness to education and science the university has established the annual university colloquium. During the colloquium chosen faculties and institutes present themselves to the students in the levels 10 and 11. This way relationships between the school and the university evolve early and deepen and strengthen a long time before the examination.

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